The Job 225 is the new Giant Killer in town....see review:                  Modding this amp will  make this amp simply sublime!  Here is an initial list of the things I am going to try:

1.  Change the fuse to an audiophile fuse (Furutech).
2.  Remove the steel plate and bolt from the power transformer and glue the transformer down using either plywood or pressboard to isolate the transformer from the steel chassis. 
3.  Remove the power indicator LED.
4.  Damp all the recitfying diodes with constrainded layer damping material.
5.  Damp two regulators on the circuit board.
6.  Damp the main heatsink.
7.  Apply WA Quantum chips to all rectifiers, output transistors and most electrolytic caps. 
8.  Removed the stock binding posts and either:  run the wires outside the amp and you can solder directly to them, drill holes next to the binding posts and bring the wires through these holes and tin the ends of the wires and wrap them around the outside of the binding post so you are using the binding post as a clamp only and another option would be just to use a good set of Cardas connectors (worse sounding option).
9.  Change IEC inlet to Furutech inlet.
10.  Install Audiomagic Pulse Gen ZX.


There could be more mods done once I get into it.  Pricing and more info shortly.