OPPO 105 Mods

10-1-2013 :  Changed the output coupling caps to polyprops for even better sound.  Damped more parts for more transparency.  Paralleled the DAC outputs for purer, cleaner sound. 

We have added a linear power supply replacement for the switching supply.  This power supply uses a 100 watt toroid transformer, 3 rectifying bridges and over 71,000 uf of sound selected capacitors.  Better separation of instruments, better imaging, cleaner and more transparent sound.  This is a serious upgrade.

5-03-2013:   Advanced mods are available including a new single j-fet output stage.  This is super transparent sound.  Now our output stage is better than anything out there.  However, we do much more than just a great output stage.   If a mod company does not address every one of the things I do then they will not get the kind of results that I offer.  Just doing a great output stage or doing a bunch of damping and shielding is not enough.  You need to address the whole player. 

Basic Mod:

1.  Remove 69% of the output stage.  And of the few remaining parts we change 60% of them to state of the art parts.  This gives way more information, dynamics, clarity and purity.  We do this to the two channel outs, both unbalanced and balanced, the center channel on the surround, the sub channel and also the main surrounds.   You don't need to do the front surround outs because you can use the two channel outs for the surround fronts (an option built into the Oppo menu).  If you need to use the 2 channel outs separately from the surround outs we can optionally mod the surround fronts also.

2. Remove some parts on the AC input that compress and distort the sound.

3. Damp some parts on the main switching supply for more purity.

4. Change the main diode bridge on the input of the switching supply to the best sounding soft recovery diodes for more natural tonal balance, more purity and less grain and brightness.

5.  Twist the wires to the toroidal transformer for more purity.

6.  Unground the toroidal power transformer from the chassis and float it on hard board.  This opens up the soundstage and makes the sound more holographic and palpable.

7.  Remove the toslink output connector.  This is an LED and it adds noise and its elimination makes the soundstage larger and more airy.  (Please let us know if you absolutely MUST keep the toslink connector).

8. Change all 8 power supply diodes in the analog linear supply to great sounding soft recovery diodes.  This makes the sound more detailed, 3D and more musical.

9. Add two WA Quantum capacitor chips to the two large power supply caps in the analog stage.  Way more real and detailed.

10. Add two WA Quantum capacitor chips to the unbalanced two channel output caps.  Way more real and detailed.

11. Add a WA Quantum Semi conductor chip to the two channel DAC.  More detailed and real.

12. Bypass the unbalanced two channel output caps with modified .33uf Wima Polyprop caps.  Way more real and detailed.

13. Change 4 capacitors on the DAC power supply to better caps including 2 modified .33 Wima film caps and also add one WA Quantum chip to one of the caps.  Cleaner and more focused and real. 

14. Black the underside of both CD covers and all around the laser assembly with flat oil based paint.  This makes all discs sound warmer, more musical and cleaner.

15.  Damp the disc clamp with constrained layer damping material.  This makes the sound cleaner, clearer, faster and gives a better tonal balance.

16. Damp the disc clamp holder and the transport cover with constrained layer damping material.  Way more natural, pure, detailed and real sounding.

17. Ground the top cover on the CD mechanism.  More natural sound.

18. Apply AudioMagic Blackout Paint (damps and shields) to the CD tray and then paint over that with conductive black paint.   Cleaner and more real.

There is $98 worth of WA Quantum chips added in the basic mod.

Numbers 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 above affect disc playback only but all the other mods affect the playback of all media. 

Price of the basic mod is currently $500 plus return shipping.

If you do not want the surround channels to have any mods then subtract $50.   The surround channels will sound way better than stock with most of the above mods 2-18.....so if you every use the surround outs they are still great.

Basic Mod Options:  

1.  The two channel unbalanced outputs are most optimized in the above mod.  If you want the balanced outs or any of the surrounds better we can add a WA Quantum chip and .33uf modified Wima cap for $20 a phase/channel extra:   $80 to do the balanced outs,  $40 for the main surrounds and $40 for the sub and center channel.

2.  WA Quantum chip for each output amplifier ( $12.50 each ).  Unbalanced 2 channel out would be $25.00 ....add balanced for additional $25 .......surround channels: $25 , sub and center channel $25 .

3.  Add a WA Quantum chip to the multichannel DAC ( $12.50 )

We can customize the above two mods so that you only have to pay for the channels that you want modded.  Please call me to discuss exactly what you need/want.  For instance, you could have option one and two for just the two channel unbalanced out only ($25 ), for both balanced and unbalanced two channel only ( $130 ),  for two channel unblanced outs and 4 surround channels ( $155 ).

I can raise the output level of the player to as much as 4-5 volts RMS per phase is you need the extra gain if you are running the Oppo directly to a power amp/speaker combo that has low gain ( no charge for different output voltage ).  Most people will be happy with the 2.3 Volts RMS of the modded player.  I can also lower the output voltage, if desired.  The modded player has 100 ohm output impedance on all channels.

Best basic mod for 2 channel unbalanced only = $525 ($475 with no surround channel mods)
Best basic mod for 2 channel balanced and unbalanced = $630 ($580 with no surround channel mods)
Best basic mod for 2 channel unbalanced out and surround channels = $667.50
Best basic mod for 2 channel unbalanced and balanced out and surround channels = $772.50


Advanced Mods :

1.  100 meg low jitter clock for both DACs:  $100 installed .  More detail and clarity.

2.  Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX installed on AC input.  More 3D and pure and clear.  $400 installed .

3.   NEW:   J-fet buffer output stage:  This zero feedback j-fet buffer output stage is super, super pure sounding.  This output stage uses our hand made cascoded current sourced shunt regulator system.  Only one fet in the signal path.  No I-V converter, no op amps.  There is just one resistor, one j-fet and one coupling cap in series with the signal.  The resistors are super world class (better than any resistor I have ever heard).  The coupling cap is a JB JFX polyprop cap with a WA Quantum dot on it and it is bypassed by my modified Wima .33uf polyprop cap.  This output stage is more sonically pure than anything anyone else is doing, including tube/fet stages.  The only downside of this output stage is that it puts out just 1V RMS per phase.  If you have a preamp then you are fine.  However, if you are running the Oppo straight into an amp or into a passive line stage then you might not have enough gain.  The loss from stock is 6db.....maybe a couple of o'clocks on the volume knob.  The cost is $300 for balanced and unbalanced outs

4.  Add 4 WA Quantum chips to rectifiers and 4 more WA Quantum chips to some capacitors.  Cleaner, purer sound.  $100 installed .

5.  Change the switching power supply that is used for the main processing board and transport to a linear supply.  This makes the imaging and depth much better and allows for much cleaner transients, clarity especially when the music gets dynamic and just plain more real.  $400 installed.

I can also do any multichannel outs with the j-fet buffers for $50 per channel per phase .  The multichannel buffers would be run off the stock power supply.

$100 discount if you get all the advanced mods at once.

All out two channel balanced and unbalanced only: $530 + $1200 = $1730
All out two channel unbalanced and balanced and all out multichannel: $667.50 + $1200 = $1867.50

Balanced multichannel outputs are now available at $50 extra per channel.  If you just want the center channel balanced...then just $50 extra.  If you want 4 channels balanced then $200....all six channels is $300.

Headphone output mod :  Everything I do to the machine except the analog output stage mods makes the headphone output better. My modded Sennheiser 600s sound outrageous playing on the fully modded player However, changing the resistors in the IV converters to really great surface mount resistors, changing the output resistors to a parallel bunch of great surface mount resistors and putting a WA Quantum chip on the output amp really makes a sweet improvement.  $50 for this mod .

I can also raise the output of the headphone amp by at least 6 db if you need more gain.  This mod is free to anyone who gets any level of mod. 

Warrantee information: Modding the Oppo in any way voids the factory warrantee.  We guarantee our work for life (yours, mine or the players).  If the player EVER fails on its own (not relate to anything we did) then we will fix it for parts plus $25 per hour labor (pretty darn cheap).  The Oppo players are some of the most reliable in the world.  We have not had to repair a single modded Oppo 93 or 95 (the 83 series used a transport mechanism that had some problems....but have had no problems with the newer Sony transport mechanisms used since then).  If you want a warrantee then for $50 I will give you a two year total warrantee.


105 showing 6 channels of optional balanced outs installed.
Picture above showing fully balanced zero feedback fet output stage and shunt regulator system.....a lot of labor!  The single strand 6N copper wires are all hand covered with cotton sleeving.  Notice the WA Quantum stickers on the large capacitors (2 of 12 on the board).  Seriously transparent sound!!!!
Pic above showing low jitter clock, WA Quantum stickers and modified power supply to DAC.
Pic above showing high speed soft recovery diodes with constained layer damping material on one side and and WA Quantum Chips on the other.
Pic above showing installed Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX


OMG! You've really outdone yourself with this last set of mods to my Oppo 105!

While I thought the original Oppo w mods was worth while and sounded better than any of the previous players I'd got from you,
I think the jfet output stage and the various extra things you did, have taken it way, way beyond.  I was playing Brian Finnegan's
'the Ravishing Genius of Bones'  CD.   He is a master Irish whistle player and consumate musician.  The tone, detail and staging of all
the layered parts and players on this CD was stunning, just stunning.  

Makes me want to call into work and tell them I have to get emergency surgery and I'll be out for a few weeks.  Long enough to 
play every worthwhile CD in my collection and hear them sound better than I've ever heard them before!

Best Regards,

12-19-2014: email received today:

Hey Ric,

Sorry haven't reported on Oppo mod performance.  Busy listening and enjoying the unit.  Delightful and makes music.  Your unit replaced a 777ES level 6 mod by VSE with the "breath of life" pwr supply mod. "replaced" is the operative word.  As much as I loved the VSE, your Oppo is in a different universe.  Have no desire to return to the VSE.  Your Oppo mod=Great music.

Pic above shows the latest version of the 2 channel board with the newer film coupling caps and more damping material.  This is what you get with the $650 mod (the headphone amp mod shown is $50 extra).  Zero feedback jfet buffers for both the unbalanced and balanced outputs.
7-18-2014 :  We now have a mod for just the 2 channel ouput board.  You send us your output board and we install the zero feedback j-fet balanced buffer stage (including custom shunt regulators), low jitter clock, soft recovery diodes, damp regulator heat sinks, install WA quantum chips, install better parts for the DAC supply and test it and return it to you via priority mail for $650 including return shipping.  We can do this for overseas customers as well, This gives you less down time, less shipping cost and increidible sound for very little money.  This output stage is as good as anything and we do much more than just an output stage....incredible vaue.  The second pic below shows the entire mod plus the optional $50 headphone mod.
Pic above shows damping material on transport clamp holder, damping material on disc clamp, blacking of laser cable, and treatment of disc tray (two different types of treatments).  Also you can see part of the linear supply and the Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX
This Oppo got balanced fet buffers on center channel and differential DC coupled balanced outs on the L and R Surrounds and modded sub channel too!