Not quite as good as the modded 32 bit Oppo.....nonetheless.....a really nice player once modded. This player has a separate power supply section for the analog stages, tons of Rubycon low impedance caps, Elna Audio caps, latest generation current out Burr-Brown DAC, super short digital path, extra plate underneath the chassis, good video picture, "audio pure" button that turns off all video, digital outs and displays for better sound, etc. 

The first mod we have done is to replace the whole analog output stage on the two front channels with our own custom discrete single ended class A all fet current to voltage stage and wire it directly to the output jacks through a nude damped Blackgate cap bypassed by a Wima .33 poly cap.  The difference is staggering!  All the stock op amps and output stage parts are eliminated.  This is the purest way to listen to a current out DAC.  Some modders just change the current to voltage converter IC to a better one and just change some of the other parts.  Other modders will change the current to voltage converter IC and then add a transformer on the output.  These are really serious compromises.  You only need a super IV (current to voltage) converter stage.  All other parts are just added distortion and coloration.  With this mod there is a ton more air, openness, reality, clarity, dynamics, naturalness, separation of instruments, wider soundstage, musicality, bass tighter.....well, just everything is way better.  Price for this mod is $200 plus return shipping. 

We just added the EVSClock 1.5 and WOW! the detail is through the roof.  The bass is now super tight and we can hear all kinds of clarity and instruments even in the most complex of music.  The EVSClock 1   is $250 installed .   This mod will make the digital out and HDMI outputs better too.

The separate linear supply has been added and the results are really great.  The player sounds about 2 db louder as the veils just keep coming down with each mod.  The bass power and drum whacks are now seriously transparent and the soundstage and size of instruments has increased as well as naturalness.  We also change a bunch of caps around the front channel DAC to Blackgates. Price for the linear supply with 3 modified discrete regulators is $400 installed.

The price for all the above is $850. 

All mods include a muting circuit that eliminates turn off and turn on DC surges.